Azizi is one of Dubai’s leading real estate developers, renowned for flagship residential projects in desirable locations across the city.

With thousands of properties completed and handed over in recent years, Azizi is also developing new residential communities in sought after destinations including Meydan in Mohammed Bin Rashid City, Al Furjan, Dubai Healthcare City, Sports City and Studio City.

From affordable mid-income properties to luxury beachfront homes on The Palm Jumeirah, Azizi is the developer of choice for many investors and homebuyers across the UAE and overseas.

Azizi doesn’t just build properties, it designs, develops and delivers high quality communities which people aspire to live in.

Riviera, MBR City


Palm Jumeirah




Dubai Studio City

Dubai Sports City



Over the past few years, the tourism industry has seen a tremendous rise in Dubai in terms of tourist influx and revenues, which are further expected to grow tenfold in the upcoming years, thanks to the continuous development that the sector witnessed. Dubai, in particular, and the UAE, in general, have thoughtfully worked on improving the tourism infrastructure to attract leisure and business travellers from around the world.

From up-scale exhibition halls to inspiring theme parks, Dubai remains one of the preferred destinations for global travellers. Internationally acclaimed attractions, including Burj Khalifa, Global Village, Palm Island, Wild Wadi, Bollywood Theme Park, and Dubai Marina, are of the many reasons that attract tourists to the city. Adding to the inflow of tourists are upcoming world events such as Dubai World cup and Expo 2020.

The tourism boom enjoys other benefits that surpass increased revenues and tourist numbers. It is a major job generator, making Dubai a place where people are always hunting for apartments to buy or rent and a good destination to invest in property and reap benefits. For example, buying a space to open a restaurant can pay strong dividends given the fact the Emirate is a hub for tourists and locals who love food and dining out.


Dubai is in the limelight for all the good reasons. The upcoming international event, Dubai Expo 2020, is just around the corner. Scheduled from October 2020 to April 2021, the Expo is expected to give the property sector a potent boost as investors and buyers will be looking to buy apartments in Dubai, in proximity to Al Maktoum international airport (DWC) – south of Dubai, with the intention to benefit from the inherent ROIs on such properties.


One of the foremost things that investors evaluate before buying is ROI; the constantly growing population of expatriates is concurrent with the rise in demand for renting and buying apartments in Dubai. As Dubai Expo 2020 creates more jobs and introduces opportunities, housing will be a top concern for a majority of people coming and living in this city. This ensures a good ROI on property. Other factors that support property investment are security, tax-free incomes, and a safe investment structure.

Property ROIs in Dubai, like most other global metropolises, depends on the location of the property, its surrounding infrastructure, the quality of construction, and a developer’s reputation. However, there is a word of caution — “There is always a catch in a seemingly good commercial of the perfect property.” Hence, one should never fall for high ROI misapprehensions. Make sure you always read the policies, terms and conditions, research, and make a well-versed decision before you finalise your new buy.


While buying an apartment or property, it is natural for one to keep safety in mind. The crime rate in Dubai and the UAE is quite low — thanks to stringent laws, fines, and punishments. As per Mercer’s 2017 quality of living survey, Dubai is ranked among the best cities for quality of living across the MENA region. With a good level of medical services, a strong police force, rules and laws, easy mobility, and more, there is a long list of benefits that makes Dubai a city that people love to live and work in.


Apart from all the points above, the fact that Dubai has happiness as one of its developmental goals speaks volumes of the quality of life in the city. In 2016, the Government of Dubai formed the Ministry of Happiness, which approved a decree to develop programmes and policies to improve the joy and happiness of Dubai’s residents. HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, approved the happiness plan created by Smart Dubai.

The happiness agenda is a science-based tactic to calculate and impact people’s happiness, driving the city’s transformation. It has diverse approaches that expand on traditional approaches to social happiness, introducing a requirement for meeting individuals’ essential daily-life needs to encompass the whole city experience. It aims to provide prospects that will lead to positive emotions and feelings, such as fun and joy, allowing people to access services efficiently and seamlessly. This is one of the reasons why people buy apartments in the UAE. After all, what better place to call home than one that promotes and cares about your happiness. Happiness is fundamental, and Dubai is a city that recognises its importance.